With over 18 years of experience in growing blueberries, we know that they're more than just pie-fillings and a quick snack.

Hi, welcome to our site, I'm Shawn Davis. My wife Karey & I feel blessed to joint own our Blueberry business. Why? I hear you ask, well not only do we love working with mother nature here in South Georgia, it's wonderful here. It's that over the last few years scientific evidence has shown that humble blueberries are one of nature's superfoods.

OK, I hope you like what you hear about blueberries being one of nature's superfoods and wanting to be healthier, but how does this effect your pocket as well

Quite simple really

  • We like the fact that our blueberry powder is so good for you
  • We love being a family owned and run business
  • And we want to share this good fortune with you

Rather than spend money and raise the cost of the product by promoting and stocking our blueberry powder in the stores, we want to invite you, your friends & family to promote it through your social networks. After all once you use our blueberry powder and love it, you'll be telling them about it, so why not get paid for promoting our product!

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